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Success Stories Reviews & Testimonials

testimonials by Paul


Latham Hi-Tech Seed

“Not only did Andy help the leadership team learn to communicate better and build better organizational structures, he’s also worked with the entire team on leadership development.”
testimonials by Paul


Financial Freedom Controls

“Since we have worked with Andy, we’ve increased the number of returns we can process by 10-20%! Andy on top of that, it’s been less stressful. We no longer waste time looking for things. We can get more done with less stress. We’re more efficient. We’ve definitely had a return on our investment.”
testimonial by Holly


Express Employment Professionals

“When I first met with him, he explained his vision and mission and purpose, and it very much aligned with what I was looking for.  A lot of different training he offered seemed to fit, and he did a good job applying them to everyday business scenarios.  Multiple team members could connect with his message.  He even did a DISC assessment with all of us, to help us better understand how to work together.”
testimonial by travix


Chad Harrison, CPA

“It didn’t’ take long to rectify the fear of investing time we didn’t feel we had. All of a sudden we actually had more time. Andy helped us make sure the right people were doing the right jobs, and the company grew. We were more efficient, then able to increase prices and focus more on growth. It would not surprise me if we grew 30% in a relatively short time period.”
testimonial by Kevin


Kevin Jacobson

“Andy’s been a lot of help for us, I didn’t even have to write a business plan when I went to the bank to borrow money to start my company. I’d always known how to get the job done, but Andy helped take us to the next level of growth.”
testimonial by Kevin

Rox Pals

Rox Pals

“Coaching has really made sense to me since my first 90 Planning Session; however, the first time it was very apparent was when I went to the bank to secure financing.  If I hadn’t done my work in preparation for my meetings with the bank, I wouldn’t have been able to continue with my business goals.”
testimonial by travix


Amish Heirlooms

“Andy really fits with me and knows how to relate to me and my business. My goal was to grow both as a business owner and a person and Andy has helped me do both. We have been working together for nearly a year and the only way to describe the relationship is 100 percent awesome,”
testimonials by eric


ProWise Tax & Accounting

“Andy made me slow down and develop a mission and vision statement. Slowing down to speed up and build a solid business plan.”

“After going through the process, building foundation to support my business, it has proven to be very successful.”

testimonial by brad


Cabin Coffee

“When our team kept talking about the same issues over and over again, we decided to seek help.”

“Andy helped us understand one another better. Furthermore, Andy assisted us to become more organized, to plan more effectively and become better leaders.”

testimonial by Rick


Backspace Group

“We get in and get the work done. We move very quickly and Andy keeps up with me very well”
testimonial by Veronica



“His approach with me has trickled down to people who report to me, and I’ve been able to coach them as a result. He holds me to task to report back to him, and that accountability has been crucial to my success.”
testimonial by travix

Scott Elrod

Ozonics Hunting

“Andy did a little of everything, but really dug deep to see where the challenges were.  He especially focused on helping those who’d worked up into a management role to learn how to handle others’ personality types and communication effectively with them.  Andy was good at assessing the situation beyond what was presented on paper.”

67% of executives who worked with a business coach saw teamwork improve.
Working relationships and peers increased by 63%